Corporate Gifts

Each year corporate companies rack their brains to find a gift that is suitable to say thank you to their valued clients and that is also useful.

PDP (Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd) are environmental engineers who are passionate about the environment.  Hand picked beautiful New Zealand images are chosen that represent their core business values of air, water and land.  We then create the artwork within their specially developed (large) desk flip calendar to showcase them.

Personalised Christmas Message

A Christmas message page is added to the front pages and staff sign their personal client messages.


Specialist services are showcased on the calendar base so that clients can easily see any services they need throughout the year.

  • Personalised staff Christmas message
  • Beautiful New Zealand images
  • Marketing reference for business services
  • Useful large desk calendar.

What more could you ask for!? 


Start planning now for end of year

Start planning your calendar design now.  It’s always a good time to plan ahead so you can be organsied when Christmas rolls around again this year.  Give us a ring and we can have a chat.