What does a little parrot have to do with a health cafe?

This is the story of the little Brazilian parrot the Papagaio and how he became the branding of the health cafe.

A group of lovely ladies who met regularly for coffee at the new cafe wanted to know it’s name – when they were told it had none they decided to come up with one.  Andre the owner is from Brazil. Growing up he recalls his mum had a little parrot in the kitchen – a Papagaio and the fun times especially when it would mimic and call out his sisters names!

Design Brief : Colour, crazy fun of the Brazilians, a little green parrot and healthy food. The cafe is located in Health and Sports gym in Kingsland. It is frequented by the local childrens swim school and prepares healthy meals for fit people. It is a fun, colourful friendly place to meet for a coffee and a little slice of Brazil. This is how the little Papagaio with it’s fun character lifting a weight in its beak came to be.