We create your own base maps and overlay any data.

Add aerial photography, GIS maps, District Plan data or whatever you want to add.  All on a single map or layered so you can present any combination of information.

Customise to the branding look of your company or project, or modify to suit each project if you wish.

We can provide material in electronic format for easy presentation in Powerpoint or interactive demonstrations, or hard copy printed to a high quality and large scale.

Example : Project with NZTA for documented Network Plan report. With interactive layers for transportation, walking and cycling, planning, recreation, and public transport information.

Property Information

Site information, photographs, certificates of title, boundaries, building and location plans, (see also Landscape) rates and valuation information.  (see also Documents – link data lists to templates for regular updating of information.)

Provide in large format print or electronic for web use.

Example : Electronic summary information sheets for properties.